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Hi everyone, hope you had a great Christmas without too many cares. Sadly, sometimes Christmas is far from care-free, with the costs and stresses of getting some people down so much that you can almost forget that it's a time to celebrate. And when it takes that extra time to finally get into the spirit of it, it can be over in the blink of an eye, just as you're starting to enjoy it.

Don't you wish there was some way to keep Christmas with you throughout the year AND be sure you'll be ready for it when December rolls around? Well, guess what, there is! From the bottom of my heart, I can recommend the Chrisco Christmas hamper club...

Chrisco hampers offer you all the food, accessories and gifts you could possibly need. With a little bit of planning, you can spend the year paying off supplies little by little. You will hardly notice that the money has gone each week, but come Christmas time, it will all add up to a wonderful hamper of Christmas goods being delievered to your house. The sooner you order and start paying, the smaller your weekly/fortnightly/mothly (whatever suits you best) payments will be.

The full range of hamper choices can be viewed online, or you can request a catalogue by calling 1800 144 662.

It may sound like a well-worn advertising slogan, but never a truer word was spoken than when they say you really can save for a magical Christmas with Chrisco.

I am not a troll, nor do I make any profit from posting this. I simply believe in this program, and think you will too if you give it a go. This is not spam.

78x Neighbours Icons

78x Neighbours Icons


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The rest are HERE @ carly_icons

Feb. 26th, 2010

1. I'm loving Neighbours atm.
2. I think Summer Hoyland is as cute as a button. Wicked shiny hair.
3. .. But I just want Steph to spill already.
A lot of Neighbours animations.


You can find more here


Did Paul tell Lucas not to go with Elle?

Why does Ben think Dan is not nice?

How come Ben thinks Dan is not nice?

What the Hell Is Going On?

Hi everyone, I have missed quite a few eps of Neighbours lately and when I switched on the other day I found myself thouroughly confused. I wondered if someone could answer a few questions for me?

1. a)Is Steph living in the old Robinson (Jim not Paul) house now?
     b) If so, why?
    c) Where are Declan and India?   
2. a) Why the hell is Lyn bloody Scully back?
    b) Why does she own Harold's now?

4. Did Paul and Rebecca get married?

5. Is Susan having Libby's baby?

Would really like to know whats going on, especially with Declan and India (Declan is my fave these days! Will be devastated if they've left!). Thanks guys!

What did I miss when I left the room??

I left after Donna got her friend to dance in the show, and when I came back there was Donna apologising to her friend, who looked frazzled in jeans sitting in a chair, and Donna apologised, gave her $20 and told her she had to go to some stupid party.

Can anyone tell me what happened?

Has anyone...

Has anyone read the spoilers on httpi://www.neighboursfans.com/ recently? Goodness, July seems like a rather dramatic and sad month.

*sad panda*Collapse ) Other stuff happens too, but this one (under the cut) was the big one. I can imagine Neighbours will be full of sad for the last few weeks of July....

78x Icons

78x Neighbours Icons


Photobucket ** Photobucket ** Photobucket

The rest are HERE @ carly_icons