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The Australian Neighbours Community!

Discuss the latest Aussie episodes, news about the actors, and more!

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Welcome to the Australian Neighbours Community!

This community is designed for Australian viewers to discuss what is happening on the show here in Australia, the latest news about the actors on the show, Aussie episode spoilers, and more!



1. This community is a place to discuss the episodes of Neighbours that are currently airing in Australia. Any discussion about the latest Neighbours episodes to air in the UK and other parts of Europe is not allowed and will be deleted. This includes any sort of awards voting for countries other than Australia. There are many communities out there for UK and European viewers to discuss their latest episodes of the show, so please take advantage of one of those communities.

2. Discussion about the characters and situations on the latest Australian episodes of Neighbours is encouraged. However, there will be NO personal attacking of any kind. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and sometimes we need to agree to disagree.

3. Advertising of products related to Neighbours and its actors will be allowed for the time being. However, this will be changed and a notice will be posted in the community if this becomes a problem.

4. Advertising of other LJ communities is not allowed unless approved by the moderator. Unapproved posts will be deleted, and repeat offenders will be banned.

5. Spoilers are very welcome in this community. However, they must be put under a cut. This is purely out of courtesy to our members.

6. You are more than welcome to post image files in the community. However, they must be Neighbours related and appropriate for all ages. Multiple images in one post and any images over 300x500 pixels must also be placed under a cut.


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