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Why is Steph mad at Libby?

I need to catch up, I haven't watched in ages! Thanks :)

Last night's episode -

I just got around to watching last night's episode, and all I could say was, "Wow..." I cannot believe Greg said that! I always knew he was a massive dickhead, but wow! That's just horrid.

I reckon the sooner his character departs, the better. I really don't want to see Steph go down the emotionally-abused partner road.

Neighbours Animations

I have some neighbours animations from the current UK credits over at my journal.


more here

catching up?

Hi all,
Would anyone kindly please catch me up on what's been going down in the past month?
I've been away overseas, and I am going to be totally lost when watching Neighbours now.
Has Zeak returned to normal? What's Rachel up to these days?
Has DJ had her baby? is she going to keep it?
Is there any newbies in Ramsay street? Has anyone died like Harald?
Thanks all,
Cheers! :)

Neighbours Icons

Neighbours (+ a few Hamish & Andy)
86x Neighbours
5x Hamish & Andy

Photobucket ** Photobucket ** Photobucket

The rest are HERE @ carly_icons


1) Why is Dean selling his guitar?

2) What kind of a skank is Donna that she'd go with a guy's best mate?

3) Wasn't Susan supposed to have MS?

4) Isn't Bridget pregnant? Why is Declan at a bar with his friends and eating spaghetti like a doofus with Ringo???

5) Why is Zeke so ugly and stupid?

Mar. 1st, 2009

Has anyone seen the first episode of dollhouse? It had the girl who played kartiya in neighbours in it. I'm surprised she got an overseas job she was a terrible actress in neighbours!!!

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Libby and steph fight

what was the fight Libby and Steph about? I'm assuming that its something to do with Married Guy, but libby mentioned something about the horrible things she said about her and Lucas.
I've missed an episode somewhere, and i'd be grateful to anyone who can fill in this blank for me


Whatever happened to Bridget's baby?


So my Dvr didnt record mon-thurs this week and watching tonights episode, I am rather confused. I checked for the omnibus on sunday and called channel 10 but they arent running that for the moment. I was wondering if someone could give me a quick update from Mon-Thurs episodes? thanks in advance :)